Becoming #BRollers

Putting together an interactive presentation, like the BRollers one, was unlike any other presentation I had ever put together in my college career. Being that its main subject was social media and journalism, all of the resources that went in and out of the presentation were done so through a journalistic use of social media. When reaching out to potential interviewers, my teammates and I used social media like we would if we were asking for an interview to cover a story.  We found their Twitter handles and proceed to reach out to them through other social media platforms to inquire if they would talk to us. 

Our entire presentation was built on an article that we found on Poynter. It explained the way journalists had attempted to get interview with relatives or friends of the victims of the Newtown shootings. (For all the info on the article, check out the presentation here

Using social media to spread information is a core characteristic of any news professional. This is my team decided to make the link to the article available to our viewers through the use of Twitter. My teammate, Jennifer Pittz, tweeted out the link to the article right when the presentation started, and tagged every member in our class on her tweet. This allowed us to make our presentation a lot more interactive, and give our viewers the chance to do something ‘hands-on’ during the presentation. 

The presentation included many videos and real-world examples of the use of Social Media by journalists. I think this helped our viewers get a better understanding of the information that we were trying to convey. 

Live tweeting also allowed us to connect with people that were not necessarily in the room watching the presentation. 



  1. Hannah McDonald

    What a pleasure to work with you. I agree that our use of many videos and real-world examples kept our audience involved and engaged with our content. Our very own citizens journalists for sure! Great work Misyrlena.

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